New Ghost Towns of the West Full-Length!

Shadows In Light

Ghost Towns of the West released their debut full-length album on April 7th.

The last four years have been a period of significant change in the six band members’ lives. Most notably, Ryan Harding (drums/vocals) moved to Chicago to join Local H, and as such, has a heavy touring schedule. Joel Korte (guitar/vocals) left his long-time post at ZVEX Effects to start his own guitar pedal company, Chase Bliss Audio. Andrew Dwyer (bass/vocals) is likely moving to China to teach. Ryan Jansen (keyboards/sax) bought a farm. New-comer / producer / multi-instrumentalist Timothe Catlin holds it down in Madison, WI. And for Dan Crowe (guitars/vocals)... he’s the glue that holds the whole thing together.

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